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Welcome to the original (The) Tea Shop! We are a family-owned seller of the finest quality loose teas. Our founder, known affectionately as "The Tea Man" by friends around the world, first established The Tea Shop in a small storefront in Madison, Wisconsin USA. Now, with three generations of experience in the tea business, we're delighted to offer Tea Shop Teas to customers all over the world.

Our current catalog consists of teas from China, Japan, India, and Sri Lanka, as well as our own exclusive blends. Our Tea Shop blends are created using The Tea Man's original recipes.

What you see here represents only a sampling of our full line of teas. If we can help you with a specific tea or taste, please let us know.

**Please note that our site is still under construction. Items you are familiar with may move or temporarily appear unavailable. This certainly does not mean that we can't accomodate your request! Please use the form on the Contact The Tea Shop page above if we can be of assistance.

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